Terrain Essentials

Created by Dave Taylor Miniatures

An Essential Guide to Building Tabletop Terrain

Latest Updates from Our Project:

3,000 BACKERS! (and a new Add-On)
7 months ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 01:23:05 AM

We're absolutely flabbergasted! The campaign has just ticked over 3,000 backers. Terrainiacs from across the world have been brought here to this campaign thanks to your help, and are now continuing to spread the word. Mel and I thank you all! We're still playing catch-up, so you can expect to see a number of fairly rapid-fire Updates over the coming days. 

 • Here's a link to an A4-size flyer that you can print out and hand out at your local stores over the next 10 days (as long as the store owner agrees. LINK.

 • If you are going to be at Salute at the Excel Centre in the London Docklands on Saturday, please keep an eye out for Mel and myself. Additionally, check out The Terrain Tutor's Terrainiacs Facebook page for information about a meet-up at Salute. 

 • Now, while we were at AdeptiCon there was plenty of opportunity for quick chats grabbed here and there, little debriefs where we discussed what we'd just done, who we'd spoken to, and ideas that had been generated. Every so often, an idea would pop up that we both really liked and we'd put it to additional discussion. One of these was an idea about how to bring additional informational (our word of the convention) content to the campaign. 

 Terrainiacs have been leaving comments and sending messages requesting content in the book about basing their wargaming miniatures. We want the book to remain focused on tabletop terrain, but we know there's a crossover between the two topics, so I suggested we do a 20+ page PDF as an Add-On. Mel agreed because he knows that by adding it to the campaign it'll see us through a stretch goal or two, meaning more great pages in the book! This PDF (working title: Fifty Shades of Basing: Mel Style) will include the theory and techniques to adapt the basing of terrain pieces to smaller surfaces, and include 50 examples of various themed terrain. 

 In a previous update you have already started providing cool ideas for Mel to cover. Feel free to keep suggesting ideas in the comments below. Mel is keeping track of them all. Once Mel has finished all the writing and photography for the book, he'll start working on this Add-On, and once I've sent the book files off to the printers, I'll be able to do the layout for the PDF so everything will be ready at the same time for dispatch to you awesome Terrainiacs. 

 This is available to those who have pledged the $25 level and above. To add the Fifty Shades of Basing PDF to your pledge you just need to hit the Manage Your Pledge button and add $7. As this is a digital product there'll be no additional shipping costs. 

• And finally, Mel will be back in the studio for his Thursday livestream at 7:30pm BST and he'll be talking about his AdeptiCon adventure and revealing some details about his livestream "world tour" for the final week of the campaign. Make sure you check it out!

We're getting closer to reaching the next stretch goal. Onwards and upwards!

An Exciting Development!
7 months ago – Wed, Apr 03, 2019 at 12:40:41 AM

Congratulations, Terrainiacs! You’ve helped power through another stretch goal, and Mel will be adding another 8 pages to his Water and Snow chapter. We are well on the way to the next goal (8 more pages on Buildings and Ruins) and after that we’re hoping to add another 8 pages to Hills and Rocks!

Over recent months, Terrainiacs have been asking Mel about methods and techniques for working with various cardboard terrain kits. We’re excited to let everyone know we’ve been talking with the team at Battle Systems and they’ll be sending Mel some of their awesome Shanty Town kits. In the Kits chapter of Terrain Essentials we’ll get to see Mel work his Terrain Tutor magic on some already fantastic cardboard buildings.

To get an idea of what the Battle Systems terrain looks like, head to their website - battlesystems.co.uk

Mel’s going to be home late tonight and will need his rest, but he’s keen to jump in to the comments and questions ahead of Salute this weekend!

What a fantastic AdeptiCon!
7 months ago – Tue, Apr 02, 2019 at 02:38:21 AM

Mel and I would like to thank everyone for an amazing AdeptiCon! The outpouring of support for Mel, the channel, and Terrain Essentials was simply spectacular. We’re excited to get stuck into creating the book for you all.

At the show, Mel was like a kid in a candy store, in more ways than one. In addition to the massive number of gaming tables full of lovely terrain that he filmed for livestreams and other content for The Terrain Tutor, he was the recipient of more than 100 Watchamacallit candy bars. Thanks for all of that chocolate, folks!

I’ve made it home from the show and I’m completely fried. Mel leaves Chicago this afternoon and won’t be home until late tomorrow night. This means we’re saving a larger update for tomorrow, and on Wednesday Mel will be diving in to all of your questions and comments. We thank you for your patience.

We were able to talk through new plans for the remainder of the campaign while we were at AdeptiCon. We’ll be revealing these later this week (before I fly off to London for Salute this coming Saturday).

Thank you all for continuing to share the campaign and for letting your friends know why you think this book is a great idea!

Cheers Dave

Bookplates, bases, and more!
7 months ago – Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 02:27:22 AM

This AdeptiCon has been wonderful (to be honest, it always is), and waking up to find a new milestone has been reached each day is great! Overnight we passed 2,750 backers and now we’ve committed Mel to signing book plates for the physical KS copies of Terrain Essentials! Have no fear, though. As Mel is a physiotherapist, he has tricks and tips to make ensure it won’t impact his terrain making ability.

Now we’re on to more Content Upgrades! We’re less than 150 backers away adding 8 pages of Water and Snow and after that we’re looking to add 8 more pages on Buildings and Ruins. Let’s keep sharing the campaign and bring more wonderful Terrainiacs to this project!

And finally, for this update, Mel has been receiving requests for content on basing wargaming minis. We want to focus on terrain for the book, but we’ve been chatting and are evolving ideas for something post-book creation. Let us know in the comments for this update what kind of basing ideas/information you would love to see Mel cover.

An Add-On! Introducing the Colour Reference Card
7 months ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 02:23:32 AM

We’ve finally had a chance to take a breath and get this update sorted. We are are so excited that the book continues to grow and that we’re receiving such great support from the AdeptiCon community as well!

Mel and I have been talking a lot about Add-Ons and while we love the idea of cool t-shirts and mugs, we want our Add-Ons to have inherent informational value as well as being cool. Mel has been very keen to see people trying out their paint mixes by testing them on the pages of the book, but we’ve decided to go for a different option - the laminated Colour Reference Card!

Mel will put together colour swatches for his main paint choices for eight different environments, and we’ll add those to a double-sided, laminated sheet where you can test your own mixes against Mel’s, and then wipe the sheet clean once you are satisfied.

This is available to those who have pledged for a physical book (or two) only. To add this to your pledge you just need to hit the Manage Your Pledge button and add $7 per Colour Reference Card you would like. These will ship with your books and require no additional postage.

Also, Mel has just finished up a livestream of the Vendor Hall at AdeptiCon that you can check out here: https://youtu.be/s-GV-PGdqiA Apologies that it cut short, but Mel says his battery died at the end.

He’s excited to start editing other footage together for you to show off this Sunday, so stay tuned and keep sharing the campaign!

Thank you!